Government Shutdown Information

  • The Camden County Chamber of Commerce and The Camden Partnership jointly want to help the residents of our community that have been furloughed during this Partial Government Shutdown. It's hard to know exactly how to help so we have listed out the ways YOU can help. It's also hard to get the word out about food pantries, drop off locations and what businesses have decided to do to help ease the burden. So we've compiled some information to make it a little easier to navigate. So whether you've been furloughed or you want to help those that have been here's a guide to help navigate through this difficult time. Thank you to The Camden Partnership, Kingsland Visitors Center, City of Kingsland, City of Woodbine, City of St Marys, Georgia Power, Okefenokee Rural Electric, American Legion, Navy Federal Credit Union, United First Federal Credit Union, Southeastern Bank, Pineland Bank, Synovus, Helping Hands food Pantry, Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church,  St Marys United Methodist Church, Missions for Camden and the many others for making this possible!!





    Items that can be accepted for our Coast Guard Community:

    Diapers- There was a baby born last month, one due next month and there are many one and two years old – so if you bring diapers bring the larger ones.

    Canned foods (perishable and non perishable)

    There is also a wish from many that if you have any job opportunities over the weekends they would love to have the opportunity – both spouses would be happy to cut grass or do anything that is needed.

    As for cash – it is most appreciated but needs to be given as $25.00 gift certificates.  There is not a limit on the number of gift certificates to an individual – some have more needs than others.





    Drop off Locations:

    The North Center

    531 North Lee Street

    Kingsland GA 31548



    The Kingsland Visitors Center

    1190 Boone Ave

    Kingsland GA 31548



    Helping Hands

    103 West Church Street

    St Marys GA 31558



    Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church

    106 Dillingham Street

    St Marys GA 31558


    Holy Trinity Lutheran church

    165 Camden Woods Pkwy

    Kingsland GA 31548


    United First Federal Credit Union

    160 North Gross Road

    Kingsland GA 31548


    United First Federal Credit Union

    2000 Osborne Road

    St Marys 31558


    Navy Federal Credit Union

    1351 Boone Ave Ste 15

    Kingsland GA 31548


    Navy Federal Credit Union

    1195 Charlie Smith Sr. Hwy

    St Marys GA 31558


    Financial Assistance:

    American Legion

     As many of you know, the government shutdown has created a critical need of monetary assistance for our active duty United States Coast Guard (USCG) veterans. The American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) program allows assistance to children of active duty service members, regardless of whether a service member has membership in The American Legion. 

    As per Resolution No. 8: Restructure of Temporary Financial Assistance Statement of Policy (link below):

    A qualifying veteran is defined as a member of the United States Armed Forces serving on federal orders current under Title 10 of the United States Code, inclusive of all components, or any veteran possessing an up-to-date membership in The American Legion.

    To provide expedited assistance, National Headquarters has authorized the use of the attached abbreviated Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) application for use with active duty USCG only and only for the duration of the current government shutdown.

    As verification that USCG active members are not getting paid during the shutdown is well documented already, National will also waive the requirement for supporting documentation to prove that these veterans have exhausted all other means of assistance, again, just for the duration of this government shutdown.

    Please expedite any USCG applications your departments receive by either faxing to 317-630-1377 or scanning to tfa@legion.org. In order to expedite assistance to USCG active duty veterans in need, National will overnight approved TFA checks to those veterans directly instead of mailing them to Department Adjutants for delivery as we normally do.

    All Departments with Active Duty Coast Guard Commands are encouraged to reach out to them to see if The American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance Program can assist in this time of need.

    Please feel free to contact TFA Program Manager Meagen Sweet by phone: 317-630-1319 email: msweet@legion.org with any questions or concerns. 



    Navy Federal Credit Union

    Here are the details for our Government Shutdown Loan Program:

    • Must have a qualifying direct deposit already coming into Navy Federal
    • Loan is offered at 0% APR to cover one pay period
    • Credit worthiness in not a condition of the loan, however member must be in good standing with Navy Federal
    • There will be no reporting to credit agencies
    • Reg Z and Military Lending Act do not apply to this program
    • Once the member's pay is restored or 60 days after the member has received the loan (whichever comes first), the loan proceeds will automatically be debited from the member's account
    • Member must enroll in the program 1 day before their Direct Deposit would have been scheduled to process.  If they withdraw from the program, they will no longer be eligible.
    • Navy Federal will deposit the eligible loan amount directly into the account their direct deposit would have gone in
    • The loan amount will be based on the last eligible direct deposit and will range from $250 - $6,000 based on a predetermined schedule
    • If a member does not have a direct deposit coming into Navy Federal but they do have a loan, credit card or mortgage with us, they need to call 1-888-842-6328 to see if they qualify for deferred payments
    • Information can be found on www.navyfederal.org, our mobile app., by calling 1-888-842-6328 or by visiting any of the branches


    United 1st Federal Credit Union

    Yesterday afternoon United 1st Federal Credit Union placed collection boxes in our two Camden County branches; 160 N. Gross Road in Kingsland and 2000 Osborne Road in St. Marys.  We are also offering extensions for our affected members who have installment or mortgage loans with us and waiving any normally-associated fees to do so. 


    Southeastern Bank

    Deferring loan payments for existing customers affected by government shutdown and offering 90 day 0% interest loans



    Cities and Utilities


    Georgia Power

    Willing to work with payments and negotiate extensions. Please call:

    Residential Phone Line: 1-888-660-5890

    Commercial Phone Line: 1-888-655-5888


    Okefenokee Rural Electric


    Okefenokee Rural Electric will handle all requests on a case by case basis - they are to call 1800-262-5131.


    The City of St. Marys


    The City of St. Marys is extending out required payments for utility services, for affected members of the shutdown, until the shutdown ends. Once the shutdown ends, customers will need to pay on their account. (912) 510-4039


    The City of Kingsland

    The City of Kingsland will be differing utility bills with no penalties for those affected by the government shutdown. They will not be cutting off utilities for non-payment. Once the shutdown ends, customers will need to pay on their account. They are also serving as collection sites for donations. (912) 729-5632


    The City of Woodbine

    Anyone that lives the City of Woodbine needing assistance with their water bill please feel free to contact Samantha Young at 912-576-3211. We are willing to do all we can to help our Camden community families.



    Food and Necessity Pantry:

    Helping Hands Food Pantry

    We are offering food to any furloughed people.  They should just bring in their work ID and we will gladly help them.

    Our hours are Mon. - Thur. from 9 - 11:45 AM. (If we need to have special hours to accommodate, we will.)

    Our address is: 103 West Church Street, St. Marys

    Phone:  912-576-8105


    We are more than happy to be a drop off place, as we have a large pantry with plenty of space.

    Also, we update a job list every Wednesday. 

    We have a Free Little Library for children and free books for adults.  


    Our Lady Star of the Sea catholic Church


    106 Dillingham Street, St. Marys, GA 31558

    During the Government shutdown, the church will be offering Food Bags.

    The office is open M-F 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Only thing needed is a picture ID.


    Missions for Camden


    Can email camdnemissions@gmail.com or call 912-674-2369 to set up an appointment for supplies/hot meals. They will be serving hot meals every Sunday 3-4 p.m. Distribution M-W 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. of non-perishable items