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  • Leadership Camden Program

    The Leadership Camden Program is a ten session leadership curriculum designed for locally recognized, emerging and potential community leaders.  It emphasizes skill-building for effective leadership and includes a community action component.

    Leadership Camden opens doors to the community for those with the desire and ability to shape its future.  Through face-to-face meetings with area leaders and on-site visits to local institutions, participants explore the major issues and unique challenges facing Camden County.

    What your Leadership Camden Program does for your community:

    · Represents non-partisan voice of the county

    · Informs and involves diverse citizenry

    · Brings together a network of top talent

    · Cultivates future members of local boards & authorities

    · Provides awareness of issues shaping the future

    · Serves as a forum for issues discussion

    · Promotes access to top political, business & civic leaders

    · Leverages local initiatives

    · Expands the base of local volunteerism

    · Creates mentors/coaches for youth leadership

    · Orients newcomers to the county

    Leadership Camden commences with a Meet and Greet and a MANDATORY 2-day orientation retreat, followed by nine class sessions and graduation.  In addition, each class is expected to participate in a group project. 

    Participants are required to attend ALL sessions in order to meet graduation requirements.  As such, employers where applicable, must understand this commitment and allow participants to attend all sessions.  Sessions typically start at 8:00 A.M. and end at 5:00 P.M.

    If you are interested in participating in the next Leadership Camden Class, please contact the Camden County Chamber of Commerce.