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  • Joint Development Authority

    There is only one place in Georgia, outside metro Atlanta, where a market of 1.25 million people live within a one-hour drive; where you can enjoy NFL football, minor league baseball, and an AZA award winning zoo; and an international airport is located just a thirty minute drive away.  

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  • Statistical Data on Georgia

    GALILEO and the University of Georgia Libraries are pleased to offer GeorgiaInfo as part of the Digital Library of Georgia. GeorgiaInfo is an extensive Web online resource about Georgia. Its development was motivated by the conviction that such information, which can now be readily accessed by Georgians in every county, could help citizens and public officials of the state become better informed in order to identify new resources and make decisions to improve the quality of life in their communities. GeorgiaInfo is comprised of both original material created by GeorgiaInfo staff and links to other websites with information useful to Georgia citizens.

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  • Incentives

    The state of Georgia offers several tax credit programs to both new and existing businesses and industries located within the state. Based within a job tax credit tier rating system, tiers are used to rate the economic well-being of a county. With four tiers, Tier 4 indicates counties that are the most developed; whereas, Tier 1 indicates the least developed counties. Tier 1 counties also offer the highest tax credits.

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